What insurance does your college kid need?

Summer is flying by and before we know it, school will be starting, and kids will be off to college. If you have a kiddo that is about to start school here in the fall, this is for you!

Depending on where you are in the journey, your kid may be a Sophomore or a Junior. It is most nerve wracking when your kid is headed off to college for the first time. They have flown the nest. Scary, right?

Let us look at all the things you sent them into the dorm with.

  1. All their clothes and new clothes = $$$
  2. Perhaps a new tv = $$$
  3. The brand-new laptop you just bought them = $$$

Did you know that your homeowner’s insurance will cover your kid’s belongings up to a certain amount (as stated in your policy) while they are away at school? Most insurance policies (coverage varies from carrier to carrier) will cover your belongings when they are away from your premises up to a certain amount. This does apply to your kid staying in the dorms, you are going on vacation, or even visiting family.

Okay, so what if your kid is no longer on campus and has decided to get an apartment with a few friends?

Let us look at what they could be bringing along with them.

  1. An entire bedroom set i.e. a bed and frame, a dresser or two, one or two side tables = $$$
  2. All their clothes = $$$
  3. Their new tv = $$$
  4. Their brand-new laptop = $$$
  5. All the wall décor = $$$
  6. Any furniture they have bought for common areas = $$$
  7. Any kitchen appliances or cookware = $$$

Are you seeing how things could add up? Well believe it or not, even though they are still a dependent of yours their belongings will no longer be covered under your homeowner’s insurance when they are renting a place of their own. We highly recommend that they obtain a renter’s insurance policy to protect their belongings and provide liability coverage for them while in their temporary residence.

We want to make sure that no matter where you and your student are in the college journey, we are there to help make sure they are protected.

If one of your kids is headed off to college here soon, click the link below. We will take care of you!