Know when to bundle your Home and Auto insurance!

We’ve talked about using an independent agentwhen to engage with your agent and insuring your home to value. This week we are talking about BUNDLING your insurance. Better yet, when is the right time to bundle?


You have heard that in the commercials, right?

Well, this is quite true. At least, it can be depending on the insurance company you are with.

On average, insurance companies will take 10% off your auto insurance and 20% off your homeowners’ insurance when bundled together. This is a significant savings, no?

The next questions is, when is the right time to bundle your insurance?

Let’s get into this!

Cathy called in a few weeks ago, she is in the process of purchasing a new home. She is very excited as this is her first home. Cathy wants to work with us to get home insurance but is insistent that she does not want an auto quote. We move forward with the quoting process and provide her with a homeowners’ quote for the house she is under contract for. She was surprised because the premium came in higher than she had anticipated and was putting her slightly above her budget.

When Cathy came back to us and presented us with this issue, we asked if she was ready to give bundling a chance. We took down a few extra pieces of information from her and were able to present her with an auto insurance quote that was bundled with her homeowners’ insurance. By doing this, we were able to get Cathy’s home buying budget back on track and she was less stressed going into her closing.

Okay, so when is the right time to bundle?

  1. When you are buying a home and looking to stay on budget, give your insurance agent a call (hopefully that’s us!) to quote the new home with your auto insurance to give you the best possible price
  2. If you have your homeowners’ insurance with one insurance company and your auto insurance is with another company. Essentially, you are paying full price for both when your trust insurance agent is keeping your discount code (BUNDLENOW20) to themselves. Pick up that phone let us help you get a quote where your home and auto are with one insurance company and you’re able to take advantage of that discount code

If you are buying a new home, then you should give us a call! Making your home buying experience as easy as possible is what we strive to do. Travis makes it his mission to help his customers save as much money as possible, especially during the buying process. If this means bundling your homeowners’ insurance with your auto insurance than let’s do it!

Let us help you make insurance simple. Its our job. That’s what we are here for. If you can check of the boxes below, then click the link and connect with us.

  • Buying a new home
  • Need to stay on a budget
  • Looking to save money
  • Easy billing