Helpful Insurance Tips

This week in our blog we are doing a "Did you know?" edition!

These are simple little tidbits we are sharing with you that can very helpful.


  1. Did you know… Independent insurance agents like us here at Kinney Insurance, have access to many different carriers on both the commercial and personal sides to better suit your needs and provide the best possible prices that fit your budget?
  2. Did you know… Making home improvements such as installing home security systems and surveillance systems can help reduce your insurance premiums?
  3. Did you know… that you can still receive a bundling discount if you have a renter’s policy and an auto policy?
  4. Did you know… For some insurance carriers, a texting and driving violation is rated the same as driving under the influence?
  5. Did you know… Business insurance is relatively easy to obtain and can be very affordable, depending on the type of business you own?
  6. Did you know… When you have any type of livestock on your property that you are raising, your insurance company can consider your home to be a mini farm?
  7. Did you know… That even if your landlord does not require you to carry renter’s insurance you, you should still obtain it for your own protection?
  8. Did you know… If your dog were to escape your yard and bite someone or someone else’s dog, your homeowner’s insurance will help cover the damages?
  9. Did you know… if you own a business, your personal information as well as your client’s personal information can be vulnerable to a cyber hack?
  10. Did you know… that a personal umbrella can be one of the best insurance policies you buy?

You have probably heard these at least once. Our goal is to educate and advocate for our clients! We are knee deep in insurance on a daily basis, this is our world, and we have become experts in this field. The least we can do is help break it down so you have a better idea as to what you’re paying for, what it covers and what will happen in the event of a claim… right?

But let me share our biggest piece of advice… WHEN IT DOUBT, CALL YOUR AGENT! If you are ever questioning something, don’t understand something or have a concern, call us. That is what we are here for. Want to talk to one of us today?? Click the link below, we’ll get in touch with you!